Travel Noire: Brothers Who Created Philly’s First Black-Owned Delivery Service Are Now In 5 Cities

In just three years of launching the first Black-owned delivery service, twin brothers Aaron and David Cabello have managed to expand.

Their Black and Mobile App started in Philly back in 2019. The app was created to give Black-owned businesses that are often underrepresented and overlooked the proper technology to expand their customer base.

By 2020, they expanded into Atlanta and Baltimore and now, they’re to Los Angeles and New York City – bringing the total to five cities.

“We are thrilled to bring Black and Mobile to the two most populous cities in the country,” said David. “We started Black and Mobile to give exposure to Black-Owned restaurants by supporting black food entrepreneurs and connecting their culture to the surrounding community, and these two new cities will allow us to continue doing so at scale.” 

Some LA restaurants featured on the app include The Original Taco Pete, Sky’s Gourmet Taco, and Vegan Café. Meanwhile, in NYC, Cuzin Duzin, Sofia Grace and Cookies, and The Nourish Spot can be found on the app.

Coming To A City Near You

While nothing is official just yet, the brothers could soon be expanding to a city near you.

They recently posted on the app that they want to partner with more restaurants across the country on Instagram.

“Our goal is to partner with 250 Black-owned restaurants across the country this year,” the co-founders stated. “We’ve been able to generate $1M in sales in 3 years for Black-owned restaurants with just 50-75 restaurants. Our goal is $1M+ per year!”


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