Invest in Black and Mobile

Over the last three years, we’ve had many supporters ask us how they can invest in our company. Instead of going down the traditional path and finding Venture Capitalists, we decided that we wanted to give an opportunity to the community that supports us, so they can grow with us!


We are now Testing The Waters through equity crowdfunding via WeFunder

"From 1933 to 2016, it was illegal to make an investment in a private company unless you were an “accredited investor” (i.e., rich). We started Wefunder to fix that, because we weren’t rich, and we wanted to invest in our friends. The first thing we had to do was convince Congress to change the law. We managed to do that, and here we are today!"

For as little as $100, you can now invest and help us grow our company. Click here to review our pitch video. We have to hit our first goal of $50k so WeFunder can publicly list our company and share it with over a million potential investors. For more information on how investing via WeFunder works, click here