How Black and Mobile Works

The page is to show you how the Black and Mobile website and mobile app works, most frequently asked questions, and errors to catch before they happen 

Our platform allows anyone to locate a Black-Owned restaurant in their area and support them conveniently, all through their smartphone or computer. 

We do not accept phone orders. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Go to or download the Black and Mobile app on iOS or Android 
  2. Once on the website or mobile app, you will select the business you would like to support
  3. Add which food you would like from their menu to your cart 
  4. Provide your zip code to confirm you are within our five-mile radius 
  5. Checkout and receive a tracking link 
At checkout, you will see a "Local Delivery tab" where it asks for a zip code. This will validate whether or not you are eligible to receive a delivery! Our service area is five miles from the restaurant. If your zip code is available, you will then be prompted to select the date and time for your delivery! For example, if it is after 3 pm when you are trying to order, then you automatically will have to select the next hour's time frame. If your zip code is unavailable, you will not be able to checkout from that particular restaurant!

*Black and Mobile only delivers within a five-mile radius from the restaurant! This means that if you are 5.1 miles from the restaurant, we have the right to refund you for your order. *In some cases, we may take orders over the five-mile threshold.

*There is a $10 minimum to order

When selecting food, items may have options to select from like sides, toppings or more. Please select the amount stated that are available to choose from.

All supporters will receive a live tracking link so they can watch their orders in real-time from the time of the pick up to your front door. Use our tracking system to know exactly when the driver will arrive at your door! With text message notifications, the ability to call and text the driver, and with our team watching over the route in real-time, we ensure that your food will get to your door safely and in a timely manner. You will be able to tip and rate your driver afterward so we can know how your experience was and to keep our best drivers on the road!

Apply to our membership program to earn points every time you support Black-Owned Businesses! Get perks like free deliveries, discounts off of your food and more!

Black and Mobile also offers our supporters to refer friends and family for rewards like $5 or more off of your order for you, your friends and family!

Our platform will allow anyone to support Black-Owned businesses in a matter of minutes. When you download our app and support one of the featured businesses, you are supporting multiple Black-Owned Businesses. Please leave a review of your experience so we can improve our service!

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