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"Love the app! Best customer service. The food from the restaurants are delicious. I am a loyal customer for life. This app has introduced me to many black owned businesses around my way that I didn’t know existed, enabling me to support them. I wish I could give y’all 10 stars!"


"Thank you for allowing us to really embrace the culture. Although some businesses are on other apps, they get overlooked. You allow them to be seen."

Postal Friend

"If you can please try them out! Great service! Your food arrives HOT! And with no delays, if they are going to even be a minute late they will call you and inform you of said delay (very very very rare) I support BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES!"

Tierra M.

"I love the Black and Mobile app. I believe there should be more focus on Black owned business in this country. More focus on Black culture. More focus on positive Black folks. Black and Mobile is the app we need to get the culture to the people. Thank you for this!!!"

Steve Austin

"Easy to navigate and being able to support black owned restaurants is a blessing. You are definitely inspiring others. Support BAM!"


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